Deck Sheet

you were in the construction industry and would like to build a large building structure, then you must have heard the word Metal Deck.


Steel Deck is a cold-formed sheet of corrugated steel supported by joists or beams of steel. It is used for supporting a roof’s concrete or insulating membrane. It was developed to provide the roof and floor systems with a structurally efficient product. The design and manufacturing optimize the steel‘s properties to produce a high strength-to-weight ratio that decreases material handling and erection costs and retains durability. Metal decks have established over 10 years of satisfactory performance.

Even after being a structural component and with its uniform quality these metal decks can provide an attractive appearance, especially when using the properly defined shop and field-applied coatings. Steel deck is also an integral component of several fire-rated assemblies licensed.


There is a broad range of metal deck products available in the market today, but it is divided broadly into two categories: roof deck and composite floor deck. The metal deck is an element of the structural panel which acts as a floor or roof surface. The deck is roll-shaped from sheet steel of solid consistency and is designed to stretch over joist or purlins. Variations in a deck like thickness, shape, and depth can be used to fulfill a number of loading conditions and ranges. The supporting structure is fastened to allow it to act as a diaphragm and to provide the lateral bracing for the framework.


Deck sheets are designed keeping in mind maximum load-bearing factor at optimal cost.

It is available in different grades and variants. High tensile grade, Different GSM and coated deck sheets are some of the option available.

Benefits of Deck Sheet 

  •  Saves time of Construction

  •  Saves concrete usage

  •  Saves Steel usage

  •  No reinforcement rods TMT are required

  •  No shuttering required

  •  Reduced Slab Thickness

  •  Reduced dead weight of the building

  • Acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering

  • No Major Reinforcement required.

  • Deck panel can be used as working platform during construction

  • Speedy construction enables faster completion of project thus reduces the construction time hence cost.

Application of Deck Sheet

• High Rise Buildings

• Multiplexes

• Power Plants

• Mezzanine Floors in Industrial Buildings & Warehouses