Frequently Asked Questions

What do our metal roof sheets cover when fitted?

Our box profile roof sheets cover 1 meter when overlapped and our corrugated roof sheets cover 990mm as standard.


What part of the metal roof sheets do you fix the fixing screws?

Our corrugated metal sheets are fixed through the high point of the corrugation, the box profile tin roofing sheets are fixed through the lower part of the sheet.


What lengths can the tin roof sheets be cut to?

Generally we can cut all our metal roof sheets from 800mm up to 7 meters. Our tile effect roof sheets are cut up to 5 metres due to the profile strength.


What spacings do we need for our support timbers?
We recommend support timbers of 800mm - 1 metre.


Is there a minimum order of our metal roof sheets?
No! We currently have no minimum order but you will be charged a standard delivery charge (price will depend on location).


What is the minimum pitch required for our metal roof sheeting?
We recommend a minimum pitch of 10 degrees for our tile effect cladding. Our box profile tin roof sheets and corrugated iron sheets can be used on a pitched roof or flat roof.


Can I have flashings made to my requirements?
Yes! We can fold any angles to suit, standard lengths are 3 metres. All flashings will match our sheet colours in polyester paint and PVC plastisol.


How can we stop condensation with metal roof sheets?
We supply non-drip sheeting to customers who think condensation will be an issue. A thick anti-condensation membrane is glued onto the underneath of the metal roof sheets to stop water dripping onto machinery.