C & Z  Purlins

C Purlin

C purlin is a preferred choice of runner purlin and girt in all modern steel building we are manufacturing C purlin for the last 11 years and have the best infrastructure and experience to make the same. It is very light weight and high strength. We use high tensile steel as per client’s requirement. It is available in galvanized form as well. It does not require any site fabrication hence the galvanized coating is also not damaged unlike the tradition purlin made from square or rectangular hollow section or the structural angles channels and beams. It minimizes the wastage as well, as it comes in customized length up to 12 meter.



Galvanised (Zinc Coated) and HR(with or without Primer Coating)option is also available

Customised Lengths can be made as per requirement



  • Longest life due to Zinc coating

  • Light weight

  • High strength

  • Longer spans

  • Easy Installation

  • Pre punched holes

  • No fabrication cost